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Euro Symbol

The graphic symbol for the euro looks like an E with two clearly marked, horizontal parallel lines across it. It was inspired by the Greek letter epsilon, in reference to the cradle of European civilisation and to the first letter of the word 'Europe'.

The parallel lines represent the stability of the euro.

The official abbreviation for the euro is 'EUR'. It has been registered with the International Standards Organisation (ISO), and will be used for all business, financial and commercial purposes, just as the terms 'FRF' (French franc), 'DEM' (Deutschmark), 'GBP' (pound sterling) and 'BEF' (Belgian franc) are used today.

Euro Symbol

So they say: "The parallel lines represent the stability of the euro". That's why Yeah, Right! want to make a little adjustment to the Euro symbol to make it more realistic.

Just click the symbols to make the change.