Every Image

Image Info

Every 50 ms a new tile (According to the script)
32 × 64 tiles || 320 × 640 pixels
colours: || max random factor:




Tile size

This resets the image


work in progress

Here in da studio you see the concept versions. You can find the elaborated version in the Yeah Right! museum


Preferably used with no other apps running, it's kinda resource unfriendly

Just play with the controls and see what happens

vJ7.0 > vJ8.0 changes

Major upgrade

  • Critical fix: it looked like the random steps never reach the end of large palletes. I dunno if that was already the case back in 2015 but soit. I totally rewrite the function to determine the next step.
  • maxFactor is still hard code and alway 5% (minimum of 3) of the colour pallete/sequence
  • Bigger image with more tiles
  • Text hints for the control buttons
  • Some accessibility enhancements although in this case not very usefull for our fellow blind people because of the main purpose 😉
  • Show the colour pallete next to the image. Also show the amount of colours and the maxFactor in the info aria

What does the script do?

  • In short, it's draw random coloured tiles
  • After a tile is draw the next one is made
  • Depending on the total colours sequence the random value is set
    • maxFactor dictate how big the jump to the next colour at most can be
    • maxFactor is alway 5% (minimum of 3) of the total count of the colour sequence
    • Within the range of maxFactor the randomFactor (factor used to jump to the new colour, positive or negative) is randomly determined
    • The randomFactor is added/subtracted to/of the old colour value and the outcome is stored in randomColorIndex
    • If the randomColorIndex is outside the pallet count (less then zero of greater then last of the sequence) it will be corrected
  • The new tile is drawed

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