Why the viewport (and what is it?)

So your screen resolution is × but hey what do I (as a front end developer) care. For me the only real important dimensions are the viewport dimensions. Because that's my battlefield. The viewport is the space that is used bij a webpage itself. If one use a lot of toolbars, just don't maximize the browser window, browse in full screen...or any other situation a script never can tell what the avalible space is based on the screen resolution. So therefor it's pretty useless.

So I like to know the viewport dimensions and here they are:

With scrollbar: ×

Without scrollbar: ×

And now we're at it...here are some other dimensions.

The whole document: × 1

Some more info

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1 Probably the document content is to little which make the dimensions the same as the viewport (with no scrollbar).

So let's bring on some !