Image Info

Every 50 ms a new tile (According to the script)
16 × 32 tiles || 160 × 320 pixels




Tile size

This resets the image


Here in da studio you see the concept versions. You can find the elaborated version in the Yeah Right! museum

This version is the last one in this project series (to much legacy of all the different versions). Fresh start on Every Imaginable Image Gen2


Preferably used with no other apps running, it's kinda resource unfriendly

Just play with the controls and see what happens

vJ6.3 > vJ7.0 changes

  • removed the array index from the tiles (the numbers on the tiles)
  • Some design tweaks to make it a finished (for now) version

What does the script do?

  • In short, it's draw random pixels
  • After a pixel is draw the next one is made
  • Depending on the total colours of the pallet the random value is set
  • The colour of the new pixel will be picked from the chosen pallet and will be random steps away from the latter

Versions JavaScript

PHP tests