Tile size

This resets the image

Image Info

Every 50 ms a new tile (According to the script)
16 × 32 tiles || 160 × 320 pixels


Here in da studio you see the concept versions. You can find the elaborated version in the Yeah Right! museum


Preferably used with no other apps running, it's kinda resource unfriendly

Just play with the controls and see what happens

vJ6.1 > v6.2 changes

  • Switch between small or big tiles
  • 10×10 or 5×5

What does the script do?

  • In short, it constantly draw/redraw 512 OR 2048 random coloured tiles
  • You control the speed, tile size and what colour pallete is used
  • While running, the script creates a canvas with the tiles
  • The canvas turned into a data url
  • With every new tile the data url is placed as a background of a div

Versions JavaScript

PHP tests