It all started with the BASIC script of Jan Willem, approx. 1987. I wanted to recreate the script but now with output in a browser. See below for a picture of the original.

This version skips the SIN() part of the script and just use Math.random() but visualy this version comes (for now) the closest to the BASIC script.

What does the script do?

  • x starts at 0 (zero) and repeatedly increased by 0.3 as long it meets x < 500.2
  • At every step the script calculates a:
    x multiplied by a random number between 0 (inc.) and 1 (exl.)
    The outcome is rounded downwards. This gives a
  • a < 40 a black Hash is printed
    a > 39 a white Hash is printed
original BASIC script
an original print out