It all started with the BASIC script of Jan Willem, approx. 1987. I wanted to recreate the script but now with output in a browser. See below for a picture of the original.

With v1 I tried to build a script visualy closest to the BASIC script. With v2 I tried to come as close I can to the script itself.

What the script do?

  • x starts at 0 (zero) and repeatedly increased by 0.3 as long it meets x < 899.7 (exact 3000 steps)
  • At every step the script calculates a:
    It caclulates sin(x)
    The outcome is made absolute (positive). Lets call that y then x is divided by y y is rounded to the nearest integer. This gives a
  • a < 900 a black rectangle is printed
    a > 899 a white rectangle is printed
original BASIC script
an original print out