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Tip: view the console for some intel

v0.2.0 > 0.3.0 changes

  • To prevent drawing on already used space it determine roughly (squares) the space an object occupies.This version shows the squares, but doesn't use them yet. In later versions the square will not drawned
  • Removed the grid

What does the script do?

  1. Start with 2 base coordinates
  2. Calculate the 5 other coordinates, with some randomness to make it more organic
  3. Determine a (bit smaller) square of the object and put all coordinates of that square in a Set()¹
  4. Draw the square
  5. Draw the 4 line and 7 circles
  6. Pick one open end, and start again from step 2. Repeats 20 times

¹ A Set() is used because it only store unique values by default

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