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Warning, this is a bit heavy on the device memory ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


A refresh will do the trick

Tip: view the console for some intel

v0.3.2 > 0.3.2b-with-rejects

  • Only difference is that it also shows all the rejects

What does the script do?

  1. Start with 8 base coordinates
  2. Calculate the 5 other coordinates, with some randomness to make it more organic. And while calculating:
    • Check if a new coordinate occurs in the not to use coordinates Set()¹
    • BECAUSE OF TESTING PURPOSE: If it occurs then stil use it but painted more lightly, so one can see where al the rejects are
  3. Determine a (bit smaller) square of the object and put all coordinates of that square in the Set()¹
  4. Draw the 4 line and 7 circles
  5. Delete the used coordinates couple from the array
  6. Put the 2 new coordinates couples in the array for later use
  7. Pick one unused coordinates couple, and start again from step 2. Repeats 1500 times. And if it's done:
  8. Add sprouting leaves on all unused coordinates

¹ A Set() is used because it only store unique values by default

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